As you know, research clearly demonstrates the link between handwriting and academic achievement – even in this increasingly digital age. Yet, despite the clear research results, a decreasing number of students have the requisite handwriting skills for academic achievement – a problem I’m sure you see as well.

DrawnToDiscover.com tackles this problem in a fun and engaging way for both students and teachers. Our research-based, visual literacy curriculum teaches these requisite skills through interactive, video lessons aligned with the NGSS & Common Core.

What Administrators want to know:

  1. How do I test it’s accountability? Drawn to Discover lessons are designed to provide immediate feedback to both the student and teacher on performance and growth. Additionally, the curriculum has built-in formative and summative assessments to help teachers monitor progress.
  2. How will it increase test scores and student success? Research clearly demonstrates the link between handwriting and academic achievement – even in this increasingly digital age. Developing fine motor skills, self-regulation and attention, and emergent literacy and numeracy leads to improved outcomes for students academically, socially, and emotionally. Indeed, when attention, fine motor skills and general knowledge are grouped together, they are much stronger predictors for later math, reading and science achievement than early math and reading scores alone. Drawn To Discover lessons are designed to develop precisely these skills. Several studies have shown a clear link between weekly Drawn To Discover lessons and student achievement in the classroom and on standardized tests. You can read more about our research here (insert link).
  3. How will it help teacher retention? Drawn To Discover helps teachers in many ways.
    1. Provides flexibility: The lessons engage the students fully for 45 minutes to an hour allowing the teacher more flexibility with their role.
    2. Builds student capacity: The lessons develop requisite handwriting and literacy skills that have been shown to increase students’ legibility and amount of writing. Improved handwriting helps students keep up with coursework and makes it easier for teachers to assess progress (it’s much easier to see what a child has learned when you can actually read their writing).
    3. Easily integrated: When Drawn To Discover is integrated into the classroom, students are more interested in the subjects they are studying. The lessons provide background knowledge and help synthesize new learning. Moreover, this isn’t one more thing piled on for the teacher. The lessons are easily implemented and free up the teacher to focus on student needs.
    4. Increases job satisfaction: Drawn To Discover lessons build self-confidence and self-efficacy in students and they enjoy the lessons. When teachers have a classroom of happily engaged, self-confident students proud of their work and eager to learn more, it makes their job more enjoyable.
    5. Builds teacher capacity: The seminal research of Dr. Steve Graham with writing achievement has shown that a vast majority of teachers (approx. 88%) don’t feel adequately trained to teach handwriting. Drawn To Discover lessons complement classroom teaching in a very efficient way. Teachers don’t need to spend time or money receiving extensive training. And, they can learn valuable information along with the students.
  4. How much does it cost? A site-based license costs $3,000 per school and provides login credentials for all required educators for 1 year. Materials for the program, pencils, box of Crayola 64 crayons, and organizational tools, are available for an incremental per student price. Please submit an RFP for full district pricing or special needs.

Educators are using Drawn to Discover in many ways to help students develop and learn. Lessons are streamlined to keep implementation simple, allowing educators to focus on student growth.

Three common ways to deliver our lessons:

  • Whole-class instruction with lessons projected on a screen for students to follow along
  • In learning centers for individuals or small groups
  • On individual computers or tablets in the classroom, computer lab, or at home
“So many teachers were ‘oozing’ with enthusiasm. Two separate teachers shared samples of their special education students and how their Occupational Therapists couldn’t believe the progress the kids had made! It is affecting everyone!”
– program administrator in California

Our Program in the News

”I had been meaning to share the exciting program we have been using (with another district administrator) and the positive response of ALL the teachers. I haven’t had a single teacher say anything negative about it! The program is actually being used in 22 out of 26 Elementary schools and a Resource Teacher in one of our High Schools and 21 district preschools! And it seems as soon as someone hears about it from a fellow teacher, they want in too!”
– Poway Unified School Administrator, San Diego, CA

NBC News – Drawn To Discover in the Classroom.

The Program

School districts across the country such as Poway Unified in San Diego are witnessing:
  • Improved handwriting skills (legibility & fluency)
  • Increased number of words and sentences in writing
  • Increased attention to detail
  • Fewer grammatical errors
Moreover, teachers find the curriculum easy to use and report that our lessons:
  • Teach useful knowledge and skills
  • Are a good use of class time
  • Keep students on task
  • Are beneficial and enjoyable for student
We look forward to discussing how Drawn To Discover can bolster your students’ reading and writing achievement in a fun and engaging way. From whole class instruction to individual enrichment, our lessons are easily integrated with your classroom needs. Each demo includes a Free Trial of all our courses and downloads.

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