Welcome to our Affiliate Program!

If you’d like to help your clients, family and friends benefit from our program (and earn a commissions along the way), our affiliate program is perfect for you.

We’re rewarding your promotions with a 50% referral fee for an active paid customer.

Our program offers:

  • A 50% referral fee commission for every paid customer you refer through your unique link or coupon.
  • Automatic deposits directly to your PayPal account (commissions are paid after accounts have been active for 45 days)
  • 365 day cookie for conversion tracking
  • Unlimited income possibilities!

Please visit and review our Affiliate Overview before signing up.

Sign Up Process:

1. Apply
You must be a member of Drawn To Discover (Free Member is sufficient) to apply for our affiliate program in one step by filling out the application on your account page or below if you are member.

2. Form Submission and URL Generator
You will then be able to create your unique url to send to your referrals. The affiliate url generator will appear in Affiliate section on your account page when you submit the form. Promote this link on social media, emails etc to promote and get referral users to sign up.
Referral Payments Affiliates must meet minimum 10 referral sign ups before payments. You will see your Affiliate information and url generator on your “My Account Page”. Please review our Program Terms & Conditions.

3. Your Affiliate URL Generation for Linking and Banners
You can link to us using text links or banners. Once you have selected a product or page you want to promote, you can copy and paste the unique code into your website or blog that will direct users to that page on our site.

Thanks so much for supporting Drawn To Discover!
Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions (support@drawntodiscover.com).

New Affiliate Registration Requirements

1) Payment Email: Your payment email must be a PayPal account for payment.*
2) Website URL: Enter the Drawn To Discover url on our site you want to send your users to. example: https://drawntodiscover.com/. **Pages can change so be sure to check your page is active or create a new URL. Main domain url will always remain https://drawntodiscover.com/.
3) User Requirements You must have an active account, free or paid with Drawn To Discover to be an affiliate member.
4) Referral Payments Affiliates must meet minimum 10 referral sign ups before payments begin.

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