In a fun way, create multiple pathways of information to the brain’s memory by connecting the senses to the tip of the pencil and crayon. Work through these CORE lessons from Drawn To Discover over the course of a learning year and your children will master the basics of pencil grip, fine muscle control, observational skills, creativity, increased vocabulary, principles of math, and more.

Subjects Covered

Language Arts, Science, Math, Visual Arts, Social Studies, Engineering, and Peace.


Use this S.T.E.A.M. approach to education and watch your child grow into a creative thinker. We put together a full CORE curriculum of the critical lessons from Drawn To Connections for you to use as the basis to implementing Drawn To Discover into your learning calendar. Work through each group of lessons, week-by-week, in this easy-to-follow curriculum that incorporate CORE STANDARDS and multiple subjects.

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