How does an elite, professional athlete use creativity in career and life? According the 4-time NFL Pro Bowl linebacker, Ryan Kerrigan, creativity is vital to success in many different ways.

At Drawn To Discover, we work tirelessly to help children foster creativity and academic success through developing fine-motor skills and visual literacy. Part of that quest has been exploring the definition of creativity in different careers and aspects of life. Last year, we were privileged to have this conversation with NFL All-Pro Linebacker, Ryan Kerrigan.

Ryan Kerrigan, an All-American at Purdue University who was inducted into the Purdue Football Hall of Fame last year, has provided one of the most concise and eloquent definitions of creativity. According to Ryan,

“Creativity is thinking of new ways to achieve the same end result.”

Ryan also elaborated on what this looks like in the game of football, (hear the full interview here)

“For me that is very specific to my job, I have to find a new way to get to the quarterback basically on every play, on every 3rd down. I think for my job, I gotta find a new way to beat an offensive tackle. Am I gonna use a power rush? Am I gonna use a speed rush? Am I gonna do a foot freeze and knock his hands down? I gotta think of new ways to defeat him, to defeat the guy to ultimately get to the quarterback.”

This definition is a far cry from the football stereotype of a bunch of jocks knocking heads. Indeed, the world of sports, especially at the professional level, offers a variety of challenges physically, mentally, and intellectually. As one can tell from this quote, it is far more akin to a chess match than just a simple feat of strength.

With the Pro Bowl festivities this week, we are excited to watch Ryan and the other athletes celebrate and showcase their talents. We are especially proud to know that we are, in a small way, sharing in that success with our partnership with Ryan and his foundation Blitz for the Better.

For close to a year now, Drawn To Discover has partnered with Ryan’s Foundation Blitz for the Better and its signature program Kerrigan’s Korner. Ryan is a class act and his foundation bears that out. As one of Ryan’s fiercest opponents, Lane Johnson (offensive tackle, Eagles),has described him, “He’s a guy that has a high motor. He doesn’t stop. Every game, you can’t let off on this guy. That’s what kind of guy he is. He’s a quiet leader over there. He’s been getting the job done for years and he’s always a good battle for me.”

Ryan Kerrigan hasn’t missed a game in his 9 years in the NFL – in fact he has started in 130 consecutive games, an NFL record for Left Outside Linebackers. His work with Kerrigan’s Korners demonstrates the same dedication and passion. Ryan’s foundation “provides patients and their family members access to electronics (including free access to DrawnToDiscover.com) during hospital stays. They serve as a source of entertainment, a portal for communication and a diversion during treatment and recovery.”

Not only does Drawn To Discover provide free access to all our online programs for Kerrigan’s Korner, but we offer financial support too through a revenue sharing program. New subscribers to drawntodiscover.com can use the coupon code “BLITZ” to save 10% off their annual or monthly subscription. Additionally, 50% of all revenue generated from the “BLITZ” coupon code will be donated directly to the Blitz for the Better Foundation.

“We are truly excited about this partnership,” Brian Goodman, co-founder of Drawn To Discover shared. “Our platform is providing important fine motor control that leads to literacy and beyond for children ages 4 to 11. If you subscribe, your kids not only get access to this great content and lessons, but you also directly help the many children in need serviced by the Blitz for the Better Foundation.”

Kerrigan also shared his excitement for this ongoing partnership,

“I really appreciate this. I think Drawn To Discover is the perfect match for our signature endeavor Kerrigan’s Korner.”

Head of research and education for Drawn To Discover, Dr. David Barrett, added, “This means so much to our organization. Being able to partner with such an amazing talent, both on and off the field, like Ryan Kerrigan is a true gift. It will help both our organizations increase our mission of serving children in Washington D.C. and across the globe. It’s really a win-win!”

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