Drawing Inspiration from Doodle 4 Google & President George H. W. Bush

There have been some very positive and inspirational stories lately featuring art and drawing! This week Google featured the drawing from 2nd grader Sarah Gomez-Lane as their logo for the day as part of their Doodle for Google contests. And, for the first time ever, they created an interactive graphic for the Google doodle with Sarah working with designers from the Google team.

Inspiration: From Dinos to Adults

Given our mission to provide students with the tools to express themselves through drawing and writing, we are very excited to see Google promote artistic expression through drawing. It is also very encouraging to see them not only showcase the work of a young artist, but to award them with a college scholarship and award their school with money for technology. The theme for the 2018 Google Doodle was “What inspires you?” Actions like these inspire us at Drawn To Discover to keep pursuing our mission to help teachers, parents, and students. Sometimes it feels like we are fighting an uphill battle against the point, click, and swipe culture of “edutainment.” Seeing campaigns like this, and knowing that thousands of children take the time and effort to submit their drawings, is a breathe of fresh air for us. It’s good to know we aren’t alone in our mission. Just as dinosaurs inspire young Sarah Gomez-Lane to do her best in school so she can be a paleontologist, the children who put their creativity into action with their own hands, inspire us in our work everyday. Thank you Google for this campaign and thank you to Sarah and all the children who strive to follow their dreams.

Good News from the Past Still Felt in the Present

On another positive note regarding art as a vehicle for success, the BBC ran a story recently about how President George H. W. Bush sponsored a young Filipino boy through an international charity. President Bush had “supplied him with gifts – such as a drawing set – that fed his creativity.” Now a grown man who is married with a young daughter, Timothy Villalba “said he remembers receiving a set of pens and watercolour paints from Mr. Bush after mentioning his love of drawing and sketching.” Mr. Villalba credits President Bush’s sponsorship with helping him pursue his creativity and, thus, overcome poverty and find success as a young man.

Even though the news cycle is predominantly filled with fear and hype, and tragedy and conflict, there are times when they share positive stories such as these. We are grateful for these two recent examples that illustrate just how important creativity is for children. We also know that the good news in the world actually outweighs the bad, it just doesn’t often get the limelight. Thank you BBC and Google for sharing some of the joy in the world.

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