Part of our journey here at Drawn to Discover has been interviewing successful people in different industries. From the “typical” creative field of visual arts to the field of neuroscience to entrepreneurs in the world of business, we’ve been exploring the concept of creativity and what it means in our lives and our professions. These conversations have not only been fun and interesting, but they have really helped us hone the focus of our work here. This learning discovery has enhanced our mission to help children develop the tools to tap into their own imagination and curiosity – to make creativity an integral part of their lives.

Creating Freedom

One of the big themes that has come from these discussions is the concept of freedom. Several of our interviewees have explicitly defined creativity as freedom – the freedom to be yourself and the freedom to explore. Additionally, this concept has been woven into all other conversations as well. Gaining tools to develop one’s own creativity opens up possibilities, many of which might not have seemed possible or even evident before. Additionally, when a child’s creativity is developed, their perception is enhanced and broadened. This wider scope of view helps the child see more possibilities and make more connections. This broader view enhances that freedom, it provides greater choices and greater possibilities.

Additionally, developing a child’s inherent creativity also gives them freedom to dream. This freedom to dream fuels their imagination and fuels their curiosity. Indeed, all three of these elements feed off one another. Children are naturally perceptive and they will pick up on the cues we give them, both implicit and explicit. As adults we can choose to stifle their creativity by being too rigid or we can choose to foster their creativity by encouraging their imaginations and giving them the tools to explore.

“Give them the tools and point them on the path… The sky is the limit at that point.” – David McCauley

Take advantage of the tools we offer here at Drawn to Discover and help point your child on the right path. Drawing inspires creativity and fosters imagination and growth.

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