The newly announced DRAWN TO DISCOVER visual literacy subscription service gained support and momentum at the ILASCD (Illinois Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) and MRA (Michigan Reading Association) conferences this month for their effort to provide for teachers and organizations through their revenue sharing affiliate program.

CHICAGO, IL, March 23, 2017 – DRAWN TO DISCOVER announced the intent of their affiliate program is to provide secondary income for teachers and supplemental fund raising for PTOs, PTAs, non-profits, and other like-organizations. The launch of their online subscription service features the visual literacy curriculum developed by renowned children’s book artist and author, Wendy Anderson Halperin.

The DRAWN TO DISCOVER video programs are developed and built for home study and enrichment but are also suited for the classroom. Children can learn at their own pace and master each skill, strengthening their weaknesses and enforcing their strengths. Research has shown, by developing fine motor skills, children have a greater ability to learn, comprehend, and create.

“DRAWN TO DISCOVER is here to support children in their growth and development, but we also want to be a resource of supplemental income and funding to organizations and people with a commitment to children, families, literacy, and positive influence,” says DRAWN TO DISCOVER Co-Founder and Strategist, Brian Goodman.

Wendy Anderson Halperin shares her literacy work she developed through her non-for-profit, Drawing Children Into Reading, now through this partnership. DRAWN TO DISCOVER is a “for-profit”, set up to support Drawing Children Into Reading. They also offer support to other organizations across the world looking to use this amazing work to help raise money for their causes through promoting visual literacy, cognitive growth, and the fun of learning we deliver through Drawn To Discover.

“I took the (original) Project Class from Wendy…(my daughter) used to come home and want to learn to draw just like Ms. Wendy did. So she would take the lessons out of my drawing binder, take them to day care for after school, and teach the other kids how to draw. They would then hang them up on the wall with pride,” shares Christine Brown, Teacher and mother from Streator, IL.

“I am so excited about what we are doing with DRAWN TO DISCOVER,” says Wendy Anderson Halperin, Co-Founder and creative force behind the project. “Being able to take this curriculum to a broader audience online while offering financial support for teachers and like-minded organizations and individuals, makes this a special project.”

DRAWN TO DISCOVER is scheduled to pre-launch a shortened, free service to the site the week of March 26th, 2017. The full online subscription service will begin May 1st incorporating feedback and input from users of the pre-launch.

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DRAWN TO DISCOVER is a progressive and pioneering visual literacy and learning solution for children. We manifest creativity and self confidence through interactive ENRICHMENT video lessons built to develop fine motor skills into cognitive growth.


Brian Goodman, Co-Founder

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