Handwriting Linked to Academic Achievement

The research of Dr. Laura Dinehart with the Department of Teaching and Learning at Florida International clearly demonstrates the link between handwriting and academic achievement – even in this increasingly digital age. Indeed, in her 2014 article, Dr. Dinehart illustrates how important fine motor writing skills and handwriting readiness is for children entering school and how such readiness can be “critical to improving academic skills in the long run.” (p. 15)

Dr. Dinehart goes on further to call upon researchers to continue examining this role that handwriting skills play with success in academic and career readiness and for “practitioners to develop and implement programs they know to be best practice when teaching early handwriting or handwriting ‘readiness’ skills.” (p. 15)

Our Approach

Drawn to Discover is heeding that call. With over 15 years of experience teaching these lessons firsthand to young children, the Drawn To Discover team knows the positive impact they have on children both inside and outside of school. That is why we are striving to get this fun and creative experience into the hands of all children and families.

Because we are so dedicated to providing the very best for our students both online and in person, we continually strive to make sure that our worked is grounded in solid research. As educators, professionals, and parents ourselves we know the importance of keeping up with the best research. Time is a limited resource and parents have lots of options for their children. We respect that and have no desire to waste anyone’s time or money. In fact, we know that our lessons do the complete opposite!! They inspire! They invigorate! And, they motivate children and their parents to pursue creativity in all aspects of school, work, and life.

Creative thinking and problem solving is more important than ever in this digital age, where automation is taking the place of manpower. That is why we focus on building brainpower. For young children, building that brain power starts with fine motor skills. It starts with the fingers and thumb manipulating the world to build neural pathways.

As education experts Steve Graham and Karen Harris have so emphatically stated,

“Acquiring strong writing skills is not an option for young people today, it is a necessity. It is critical to success at school, in the workplace, and in the community.” (Graham & Harris, 2014)


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