“Holding a pencil is a more dynamic movement of the hand — the index finger and thumb really need to be engaged, so it’s more of a complex movement.”

–Lisa Clark, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

From the beginning, we knew we were on to something big for kids. We didn’t realize just how big! The success that our co-founder, Wendy Halperin, experienced with young students was the driving force for creating Drawn To Discover. We sought to share the accomplishments and joy of her students with children across the world. We also knew that that some of these very important skills were diminishing due to an increased reliance on technology. In a somewhat ironic twist, we chose to harness the power of technology to help develop these “old school” skills that are still very relevant today. It seemed the perfect way to share a successful, research-based tool for children that not only taught skills children have always needed to succeed in school and life, but also addressed the increasing lack of these skills. What we didn’t know was just how big the problem was becoming.

Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water

Drawn To Discover uses technology to counteract the handwriting and fine motor deficits that technology has causedThe focus of Drawn To Discover is to help children develop innate physiological and neurological abilities that help them discover a vast world of possibilities. The fine finger motor skills developed by using a proper pencil grip and getting messy with drawing and writing increase the brain’s capacity for language and literacy. Our lessons are also designed to help develop a sense of creativity, curiosity, and wonder. All of which are important for success in life and work. Additionally, these three traits will be even more important for our children when they enter a job market bereft of low-skill jobs. A market where automation replaces many high paying jobs available today. For example, Goldman Sachs predicts that automation could cost the trucking industry up to 300,000 jobs a year. Even white-collar jobs such as financial planning will face losses due to automation.

Technology is an important tool and it is important that our children develop their digital literacy. It is equally important that we don’t neglect vital, age-old skills in search of the shiniest new thing. Drawn To Discover seeks to marry the best of both worlds. With our online lessons, we bring the highest quality visual literacy lessons straight into your home at a very affordable price. The skills our students develop improve their critical thinking, creativity and self-confidence. As an added bonus, there is evidence that improved handwriting skills lead to improved keyboarding skills.

The Zeitgeist

“Acquiring strong writing skills is not an option for young people today, it is a necessity. It is critical to success at school, in the workplace, and in the community.”

–Dr. Steve Graham, Arizona State University

The mission of Drawn To Discover is becoming increasingly important. As we mentioned, we knew we were not only developing important skills for children with our lessons, but that these skills were also on the decline. Now that this “iPad Generation” is in elementary school, the scope of this decline is more evident and the need is even greater. But don’t take our word for it. Read some of the recent news for yourself, then try some of our lessons for free:

iPad generation’s fingers not ready to write, teachers say

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Putting pen to paper requires extra thought

Children struggle to hold pencils due to too much tech, doctors say


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