• To put the future into the hands of all learners, beginning in early childhood.
    • For all children to develop the proper pencil grip and fine motor skills that will enable them to create a better world.
    • We envision a lifetime of mastery, joy, creativity, peace, and love that begins in early childhood by teaching according to how the brain learns, starting with the proper pencil grip.
    • To create education that sparks joy and taps into the brain’s natural abilities.
    • We envision learning that builds important neural pathways by connecting the brain and hand.
    • Our vision is to foster a lifetime of learning, connecting, and growing.

DrawnToDiscover is building a future that puts creativity, fine motor skills, and cognitive development BACK into the HANDS of learners. Our unique, step-by-step drawing lessons use imagery and brain-hand connectivity to activate cognitive development for learners of all ages across the globe. With technology, too much learning has settled for only utilizing the point, click, and swipe. We activate and engage learners by re-engaging the neural pathways to improve handwriting, memory, and creativity through our multiple curriculums supporting in-home study, schools, and more.

Research has shown, by developing fine motor skills, children have a greater ability to learn, comprehend, and develop. Writing stimulates thinking. When we think visually, we project an image in our mind’s eye helping us to better comprehend and retain new learning in the long-term memory. Connecting the fine motor skills of our hands with our brains in this manner is proven to activate children’s neural pathways and thereby accelerating:

    • Vocabulary Acquisition
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Critical Thinking
    • Creativity Skills

Building this cognitive functionality builds self-esteem and thoughtful understanding of the work. By using imagery and art to help learn, we increase the engagement of our higher faculties and cognitive functioning. It is the FUN way to LEARN! We are all creative beings and developing creative ideas is the KEY to maximizing these skills. Tapping the power of our fine motor skills is that key.


our education vision is for children to grow their creativity

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