What is Drawn to the Core?

Drawn To The Core is a 30+ week curriculum built for educators, institutions, and parents looking to implement a simple blended learning program for their K-1 students. The CORE is built of fun video guided lessons teaching children how to draw math, science, language arts, biology, engineering, geography, history, peace, and more. The program includes assessments and Common Core Standards are defined for each week’s lessons.

Our research-based, visual literacy curriculum

  • Develops fine motor skills promoting cognitive growth and language development.
  • Builds observational skills and attention to detail.
  • Increases confidence, creativity, and problem solving skills.
poor handwriting is an epidemic and teachers need to implement lessons to improve fine motor skills

Formative Assessments

Measure student growth with interactive and engaging assessments. Students can monitor their own progress.

We Draw Math

We Draw Cursive

We Draw Science

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"Letter learning is the highest predictor of reading ability later."

-Dr. Karin James, neuroscientist, Indiana University-Bloomington

Adaptive Curriculum

From whole class instruction to individual enrichment, Drawn To Discover lessons are easily integrated with your classroom needs. These interactive lessons provide explicit instruction that can be differentiated to connect lessons and activities and help increase understanding and engagement.

Personalized Data Profiles and School-to-Home Connection

Schools can go beyond the classroom with individual student access and the ability to supplement instruction at home!

Teacher Resources

Lesson plans, tips & tricks, and flexible resources to help educators customize instruction.

Professional Development

Training and guidance with insight into educational approaches, best practices, and more. Invite us to your school for an online or in-person training.

Proven Results

Research clearly demonstrates the link between handwriting and academic achievement, even in this increasingly digital age. Drawn To Discover is firmly grounded in these research-based practices. See the Research
free range creativity

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