As you know, research clearly demonstrates the link between handwriting and academic achievement – even in this increasingly digital age. Yet, despite the clear research results, a decreasing number of students have the requisite handwriting skills for academic achievement – a problem I’m sure you see as well.

What teachers want to know:

  1. Is this product useful to me and my students? Yes, classroom research has shown that Drawn To Discover lessons reinforce content knowledge and improve retention and comprehension.
  2. Has this product worked in other classrooms? Yes, the Drawn To Discover curriculum has been successfully implemented in classrooms for over 15 years. The Drawn To Discover platform is seeing the same success this academic year in over 25 schools in 16 districts across Michigan, Illinois, and California.
  3. Is this product easy to implement? Yes, the lessons are all available online. The videos can be projected for whole class instruction and they can be readily used on individual computers or tablets for small groups or individual learning. Mrs. Wendy provide direct, explicit instruction allowing teachers to move about the room to facilitate learning, offer assistance to individuals, etc. Lessons are aligned to Common Core standards so they are easily integrated into teacher lesson plans.
  4. What can I do with this program that I can’t already do now? We have 100’s of lessons to supplement your current lesson plans. Students are fully engaged for 45 minutes to an hour allowing you to move about the room to check for understanding, offer guidance, or provide assistance to students individually or in small groups.
  5. Where can I read about case studies of other schools? You can visit the website or contact us.
  6. Will it really make a difference and if so how? Teachers who have used Drawn To Discover lessons on a weekly basis have witnessed many improvements with student performance including:
    • Improved handwriting skills (legibility & fluency)
    • Increased number of words and sentences in writing
    • Increased attention to detail
    • Fewer grammatical errors
  7. I am afraid of losing control of the classroom. Drawn To Discover has shown to do the exact opposite. Teachers overwhelmingly report that students are focused, engaged, and on task following along as Mrs. Wendy leads the lesson. Indeed, after just a few lessons, students know how to prepare their work space and get ready for the lesson. In national survey, teachers reported many benefits from using the lessons in their classrooms and reported that the lessons:
    • Teach useful knowledge and skills
    • Are a good use of class time
    • Keep students on task
    • Are beneficial and enjoyable for students

Educators are using Drawn to Discover in many ways to help students develop and learn. Lessons are streamlined to keep implementation simple, allowing educators to focus on student growth.

Three common ways to deliver our lessons:

  • Whole-class instruction with lessons projected on a screen for students to follow along
  • In learning centers for individuals or small groups
  • On individual computers or tablets in the classroom, computer lab, or at home

Tour Some Lessons

Each lesson page will include a downloadable PDF of paper (if required) that would need to be printed, writing tools listed, and an overview of the lesson (including a sample image), some lessons will also have a warm up lesson.
"I think they have been paying better attention to their pencil grip and it is an engaging way for them to practice following directions, focus and concentration as well."

Preschool: Flower and 7 Spiders

Language Arts: Phonics 2 “SH”

Science: Honeybee

Cursive: C “i”

Math: Drawing 4

Peace: “…tell the truth.”

The Program

Teachers use Drawn to Discover to introduce, reinforce or supplement their classroom curriculum with highly engaging and educational activities. The lessons can be done with the class as a whole, with children working on computers individually, in small learning groups, or in a computer-lab setting.

Each demo includes a Free Trial of all our courses and downloads. We are sure you will see the value in the lessons and your kids will love the FUN!

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