Introducing The Building Blocks to Success

We all know the feeling of having a word on the tip of our tongue and not being able to come up with what we’re trying to say. It’s infuriating. You’re stuck and unable to move forward. You know the perfect word to express your thoughts is out there, but you just can’t picture it. It’s lost in the filing cabinets of your brain. The frustration you experience comes from your inability to express yourself. You might settle for a synonym, but a different word still doesn’t capture exactly what you’re trying to say. Kids experience this same frustration.


In the images below, there is a significant difference in the work of kindergartners that we worked with. The work shown in the first image is the work of a control group Kindergarten class that did not go through DrawnToDiscover Lessons. The work of the bottom two images display the experimental group of kindergartners that followed DrawnToDiscover lessons. The handwriting, visual literacy, and expression skills of the kindergartners that worked with DrawnToDiscover far exceed the work of a kindergartner in the control group.

This is a control group of kindergartners, it is evident their handwriting and expression abilities are lacking


experimental school following DrawnToDiscover lessons has improved visual literacy, handwriting, and expression



At DrawntoDiscover we expand literacy with visualization. Literacy is a tool of expression and when children fall behind in handwriting, their writing suffers as well. Without intervention and practice, illegible handwriting can lead to poor writing, frustration, and a lack of motivation. To prevent this snowball effect we teach children visual literacy.


Furthermore, we give children the power to share what they are interested in, what they think, and how they feel. In our experience, when we give children drawing skills their ability and interest to express themselves is magnified. Little do they know, their drawings sets the foundation for their writing strokes, forming words, and unleashing their writing potential.


DrawntoDiscover activates learning by improving handwriting, memory, and creativity through drawing. Our unique, step-by-step drawing lessons use imagery and brain-hand connectivity to develop fine motor skills that trigger cognitive development for all ages. The combination of visual literacy and handwriting skills improves children’s ability to express themselves and inspires discovery and creativity. In this 4-part series, we will explain key terms that highlight the building blocks we’ve used to create our multiple curricula.

        1. Brain-Hand Connectivity
        2. Automaticity
        3. Visual Literacy


Stay tuned for Blocks 1, 2, and 3…

Check out “Building Block 1: Brain-Hand Connectivity” and continue your learning journey with us!

~Caleigh Cramer and Miss WEndy

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