Free Range Parenting Movement

There’s a lot of buzz right now about the concept known as free range parenting. The debate rages: does it foster independence and autonomy or does it put children at risk? Is it getting back to the basics of old fashioned parenting or is it a form of child neglect? Our purpose here at Drawn To Discover is neither to promote or denounce free range parenting, we do, however, see some parallels with its goals and with our work.

There is a lot of worry in today’s world that we are overprotecting our children and hence stifling their growth and robbing them of positive childhood experiences and independence. Additionally, there is concern is that our children are over-scheduled and overexposed to “point, click, and swipe-type” mind-numbing activities that cheat them out of a more open and more enriching environment. Indeed, you’ve seen the memes about drinking water from the hose back in the day and riding bikes without helmets. The fear is that modern childhood is often overly sterile, overly structured and overly digital. Thus, the free range parent movement was born to counteract these perceived tragedies of modern childhood. Utah has even just passed a law that allows this practice. But, some view this approach as irresponsible and even illegal.

Promoting Independence and Creativity

Good news! You can take solace in the fact that Drawn To Discover is a proven and non-controversial milieu for promoting independent and creative children. As parents ourselves, we are proud of the lessons we offer children worldwide to help them discover their own voice, their own ideas, and their own mastery in a safe and secure manner. We are proud that Drawn To Discover harnesses the power of modern technology and communication to develop age-old cognitive skills. It is a marriage of the old school and the new school without sacrificing our children’s fine motor skills and cognitive development at the altar of flashy gimmicks.

Drawn To Discover provides children with the tools to create. As the research shows, these tools give children a mastery of language and creativity that open doors for their future. Children learn confidence and enjoy the freedom that comes with it. Moreover, unlike Free Range Parenting, Drawn To Discover is perfectly legal in all 50 states 🙂



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