A progressive visual literacy and learning solution for children.

Interactive enrichment videos for ages 4-11

More than just handwriting

We manifest creativity and self-confidence through interactive, enrichment video lessons built to develop fine-motor skills and cognitive growth.  Children learn art, handwriting, science, math, language arts, and so much more.

Understand Math

Develop Creativity

Learn Science

A bridge to basic learning fundamentals

The core of Drawn To Discover is to build handwriting through pencil grip and fine muscle control. Your child’s ability to reason, create, and comprehend will develop through these educational STEAM inspired lessons.

The science backs this foundational connection of the hand and brain. In the current point, click, swipe learning environment, this is being missed.

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"Letter learning is the highest predictor of reading ability later."

-Dr. Karin James, neuroscientist, Indiana University-Bloomington

Our research-based, visual literacy curriculum

  • Develops fine motor skills promoting cognitive growth and language development.
  • Builds observational skills and attention to detail.
  • Increases confidence, creativity, and problem solving skills.

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