What is Drawn to Discover?

  • Welcome to Drawn to Discover: a curriculum of childhood interactive ENRICHMENT video lessons built to develop fine motor skills into cognitive growth.
  • We manifest creativity and self-confidence through online lessons teaching art, handwriting, science, math, language arts, and so much more.
  • We provide a fun and enriching platform for parents to interact and learn with their children.

What is the challenge?

A majority of 1st – 3rd grade teachers report that handwriting skills impact:

  • Students’ grades
  • The quantity and quality of their work
  • The time needed to complete writing assignments

Only 39% of teachers reported that their students’ handwriting was adequate
Only 46% indicated their students’ handwriting was fast enough to keep pace with the class
Only 12% of teachers received adequate preparation to teach handwriting
**Source: (Graham, 2009/2010)

“Letter learning is the highest predictor of reading ability later.”
-Dr. Karin James, neuroscientist, Indiana University-Bloomington

Why Drawn to Discover?

Reconnecting the hand and brain

  • Research has shown, by developing fine motor skills, children have a greater ability to learn, comprehend, and develop. Writing causes thinking. When we think, we project an image on our mind’s eye which helps us remember, learn, retain, and read. Connecting the fine motor skills of our hands to our brains in this manner is proven to activate children’s brains to encourage and accelerate better:
    • reading
    • thinking
    • creativity skills
  • Building this cognitive functionality builds self-esteem and thoughtful understanding of the work. We think in pictures, not in text. By using pictures and art to help learn, we increase the engagement of our higher faculties and cognitive functioning.
  • It is the FUN way to LEARN!

Why is it important?

  • We are visual, interactive, experiential…with the magic of social marketing and digital video guidance, we can connect to families simply, effectively and efficiently
  • Nearly 1 in 2 students are taking supplemental education courses online!
    Parents are continuously looking for alternative and supplemental education sources for their children.

    • In fact, educational learning subscriptions make up 30% of ALL online paid services
      Statistica Study, 2015

The Results

Fine muscle control development

The core of Drawn To Discover is to build handwriting through pencil grip and fine muscle control. Your child’s ability to reason, create, and comprehend will develop through these educational STEAM inspired lessons.

The science backs this foundational connection of the hand and brain. In the current point, click, swipe learning environment, this is being missed.

Drawn To Discover is the bridge back to these basic learning fundamentals.

Who is Drawn to Discover?

Drawn to Discover was born out of the teachings and research of renowned children’s book author and artist, Wendy Anderson Halperin. She has been working in classrooms for over 20 years through her non-profit, Drawing Children Into Reading (DCIR), opening up the creative and cognitive abilities of children through the joy of art and fine motor development. Ms. Wendy builds the confidence of children starting with simple drawings of dogs, bees, mice, pencils, and other fun shapes. Within a short period of time, children are drawing and writing reports about:

  • science
  • math and geometry
  • history
  • literature
  • social studies
  • and so much more….

How to use Drawn To Discover

How do I start?

Begin with our “Drawn To Connections – Level One” course. By purchasing an Annual or Monthly membership you will have access to all levels and supplemental courses.

What if my child is more advanced?

The core of the curriculum begins at level one and each lesson builds skills that will be required in later lessons. For older or advanced students we recommend beginning with the first few lessons and then they can move to more advanced lessons per their skill level.

What are the supplemental courses?

The supplemental courses explore different topics and disciplines like studying PEACE and learning Cursive. When you purchase an “Annual” or “Monthly” membership you will have access to all of these courses as well. Explore it all with your kids, there is so much to learn!

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