At DrawnToDiscover, our mission is to ACTIVATE and ENGAGE learners by re-engaging the neural pathways to improve:

    • Handwriting
    • Memory
    • Creativity

We achieve this through our unique, step-by-step drawing lessons using imagery and brain-hand connectivity to activate cognitive development for learners of all ages across the globe. While our multiple curriculums that foster this learning are relatively new, the inspiration for their foundation goes back over 500 YEARS to the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

DrawnToDiscover fosters visual literacy. What is visual literacy, you ask?

“Visual Literacy is the ability to comprehend, communicate, and create through imagery.”

The term visual literacy wasn’t coined until 1969, however the concept itself has been around since the dawn of humankind. The most shining example of visual literacy, and a personal inspiration for our team, is none other than Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo Da Vinci – A Brilliant Visual Literate

As many of us have seen in school and in popular culture, Leonardo Da Vinci filled notebooks with detailed scientific drawings from multiple perspectives. These drawings, which he referred to as dimonstrazione (demonstrations), were an important method for gaining a full understanding of a subject. Indeed, he believed they could only be produced when one understood the subject deeply.

Da Vinci did not use the term visual literacy, but his vast work embodied its true meaning. For example, he wrote about the importance of saper vedere (knowing how to see). This is the term Da Vinci used to describe his visualization process; a process he believed was the gateway to discovery. Hence, through direct observation and experience, Da Vinci believed we could best understand the world around us at a deeper level.

500 Years Later

Leonardo’s work is still fascinating scientists, artists, and engineers alike over 5 centuries later. As Claudia Kalb espoused,

Thousands of sketches, observations, and queries (written in a distinctive backward script) showcase Leonardo’s unceasing quest for knowledge. A vast number of the original pages have been lost. Those that remain, many compiled in notebooks, reveal a fluid interplay between his meticulous scientific studies and his monumental art. (Kalb, May 2019)

Taking a page from one of Da Vinci’s books, we are helping parents and children build their legacy through visual literacy. Find out more here.

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