The song Let There Be Peace on Earth was written by Jill Jackson-Miller and Sy Miller in 1955 and still resonates today. It was written as a form of redemption and joy and contains a message that echoes the words of Mahatma Gandhi among others. It also encapsulates a major focus of our work at Drawn To Discover.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Our mission to is help children develop the tools they need to succeed and find joy. This mission is rooted in the successes we discovered with our visual literacy lessons with children in schools. The excitement, joy, confidence, creativity, and perseverance Ms. Wendy witnessed from her students as a result of her lessons is what prompted us to create Drawn To Discover and to share this magic with children across the world.

Likewise, we have seen the power of these lessons for teaching peace with children. We are guided by the premise that INNER PEACE LEADS TO WORLD PEACE. This is our call to action. We know if we can help our children develop inner peace, they will share that with their classmates, their teachers, their families, their communities, etc. Peace and joy are contagious.

This isn’t simply an unsubstantiated, Pollyanna-esque world-view, either. It is a notion backed up by research in Positive Psychology and other fields such as Economics. For example, economics professor James J. Heckman’s research “The Lifecycle Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program” has shown that high quality early childhood programs for disadvantaged children demonstrate significantly improved outcomes in education, health, social behaviors, and employment. Indeed, programs such as Drawn To Discover can foster richer and fuller lives not only for children, but for their parents as well.

Enduring Positive Effects of Quality Pre-K (findings by J. Heckman)

  • Increased future earnings
  • Improved health
  • Higher IQ
  • Reduced crime rates

Our team at Drawn To Discover is committed to doing our part to share joy and creativity in the world. We hope you will join us!

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