We are a few weeks into the new year and some of those New Year resolutions have found traction and are becoming positive habits; others never took hold and have fallen by the wayside. When it comes to our resolve for our children, however, those hopes and dreams do not fall by the wayside.

January is a month of renewal, named after the ancient Roman god Janus, the god with two faces. As VintageNews.com describes him, “Janus was the Roman god of doors, choices, beginnings and endings. The first month of the year is called January after him. He is usually depicted with two faces, one on each side of the head.” In December, when the New Year draws close, many of us reflect on the past year and set our sights on the upcoming one, like Janus looking simultaneously backward and forward.

As part of that reflection and forward looking, Peachjar.com conducted a survey of randomly selected parents across the country asking them about their resolutions and hopes for their children in 2019. https://info.peachjar.com/parent-new-years-infographic-program-providers

At DrawnToDiscover.com, we found some great takeaways from these results and a large intersection with our mission. For example, 73% of parents want their child to discover new passions and interests. Additionally, the top 3 soft skills that parents want their children to develop are exactly what our lessons instill. Our Drawn To Peace curriculum teaches children about leadership and respect through art lessons focuses on important people and events in history.

  1. Confidence = 72%
  2. Self-discipline = 64%
  3. Patience = 60%
  4. Leadership = 56%
  5. Respect = 55%


If you are a parent looking to discover a new passion for your child that helps them develop important soft skills, then check out our special 7-day trial and help make 2019 a YEAR OF DISCOVERY!

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