All parents want the best for their children. And many parents are often seeking supplemental programs to accelerate learning, literacy, and cognitive development in their kiddos. This is why we are excited you found us here!

The DrawnToDiscover.com curriculum has been implemented with major success with families across the country! Just login on your computer or tablet, place the paper, pencil, and crayons out for your child, and press play….then walk away! Go enjoy some time for you during their lesson see what other parents are witnessing.
  • Improved handwriting skills (legibility & fluency)
  • Increased number of words and sentences in writing
  • Increased attention to detail
  • Fewer grammatical errors
  • Teach useful knowledge and skills
  • Are a good use of time
  • Keep children on task
  • Are beneficial and enjoyable for students
This gives me an educational and active lesson to set up for my children while I make lunch or throw in a load of laundry. They stay engaged the whole time.
~ Mother who found us on Facebook

I was seeking more drawing instruction for my children. I chose Drawn To Discover because it not only teaches drawing, but it brings all ‘subjects’ into the lessons. It also helps the child have a stronger relationship with the world around him (her).
~ Leslie, Ohio mother
My daughter was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder. That’s when your hearing is perfect but the brain has trouble processing the information. She was falling behind in school because she gets lots with oral directions and lessons. Drawn to Discover was a life saver. We found out she is a visual learner. And that’s why she loved Drawn to Discover so much, cause she can see what is taught. And that makes learning so much easier and fun for her. She is now doing fear in school. ~ Carolina, mother from LA

Program Overview

What teachers are saying about the program. 

The Program

Research clearly demonstrates the link between handwriting and academic achievement – even in this increasingly digital age. Yet, despite the clear research results, a decreasing number of students have the requisite handwriting skills for academic achievement while many schools also are faced with teaching to the test.

DrawnToDiscover.com tackles this problem in a fun and engaging way for both students and parents. Our research-based, visual literacy curriculum teaches these requisite skills through interactive, video lessons aligned with full-mind learning.
  1. Children develop a proper pencil grip along fine motor skills and control.
  2. Children draw and write about the world through a STEAM approach.

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Our researched based lessons addresses these important educational elements:

  • Our program focuses on the areas of language and cognitive development, fine motor skill, reading and mathematics skills, social-emotional development and more.
  • Lessons based on scientifically valid research and has materials to support implementation.
  • The program is comprehensive and linked to ongoing assessment, with developmental and learning goals.
  • Our lessons are focused on improving the learning environment, teaching practices, family involvement, and child outcomes across all areas of development.
  • Our S.T.E.A.M. based lessons are aligned with NGSS and Common Core standards.
  • Engaging learning experiences through interactive lessons.

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