Welcome back to the Drawn To Discover Podcast: What is Creativity? It has been a little while so we are excited to re-new the fun of our podcast with this great episode

We pick up our conversation about creativity, what it is, how do we use it in our lives, and most importantly, how do we support our children in developing and incorporating their own creativity into their lives.

The goal of this podcast it to help educate parents and educators on the importance of promoting and even teaching creativity in children. Our platform, DrawnToDiscover.com, was built to open up the neural pathways that run between the fingertips and brain. These pathways are the key to handwriting, drawing, fine motor control, and other cognitive growth. These connections help children create imagination, memory, intuition, and so much more. In this point, click, swipe, world we live in today, too often, we forget about the importance of developing thesis fine motor skills that lead to these deeper and enriching forms of cognitive growth. So please enjoy this discussion on What is Creativity? and be sure to sign a child up for drawn to discover – and this week, do it through drawntodiscover.com/pwf

In this episode, once again our Co-Founder, Brian Goodman and our head of research and education, Dr. David Barrett, explore an amazing story that has everything and it is all related to PWF – the Pompe Warrior Foundation:

This is a story of….
Fighting a super rare disease
Parental love and survival
Battling life’s curveballs, losing family members, and even losing a house to a fire
Finding a real life guardian angel in the form of a family friend who served in the Army with a family member re-connected to this special family in a special way.

Today, Dave and Brian are honored to speak with Denis and Anne St. Martin to the What is Creativity? podcast. Denis and Anne joined DrawnToDiscover to talk to us about creativity in a little different way. The core of the discussion is about creative parenting, developing a creative movement, and engaging with creative support for a child with a rare disease. Their son, Leo Victor, was diagnosed as a child with Toticollis – a condition that makes it difficult to move or even turn the neck or head. This was scary, but it seemed like something they could fight, until things got worse. After moving through multiple hospitals in MN, going through extensive tests and treatment, little Leo was finally diagnosed with Pompe Disease – which means their son’s body and organs does not have the ability to break down glycogen. This means he cannot process sugar, which means he cannot turn food into needed nutrients to grow and survive. There is way more to this story, and unfortunately, there is way too much unknown about this story and condition.

So that brings us back to Leo, Denis, and Anne and their Pompe Warrior Foundation – an organization built to help learn about and fight rare diseases like Pompe. So to learn more about this story, tune in now and listen to Anne and Denis St. Martin and enjoy this episode of What is Creativity!

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