Giant Creative Steps

If you are a parent and are wondering how to help your child keep up with their learning and development, you should tune into this episode of the What is Creativity? podcast. Dr. Dave and Brian explore the world of neuro-developmental brain training programs and products with the founder and President of Little Giant Steps, Dr. Jan Bedell. Dr. Jan explains the possibilities and techniques of re-training the brain to better utilize its neuro-pathways to drive better results in all things.

Since 1992, through her service and now online at LittleGiantSteps.com, Dr. Bedell has provided life-changing solutions for accelerating learning, memory and functional abilities in individuals of all ages through in-home training and development. She has unlocked a world where children, teens, and adults who are struggling learners achieve superior developmental, academic, and memory function by taking the little (but resulting in GIANT) steps to re-train the brain.

Join us for this wonderful conversation!

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