HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! A new year represents new possibilities, new hopes, and new dreams! Here at Drawn To Discover, we are extra excited for 2018, because it kicks off our YEAR OF PEACE.  We have launched a new project designed to teach children the importance of PEACE in our society.

Our Resolution

Inspired to counteract the pervasive negativity generated from social media and the 24-hour news cycle, our co-founder, Wendy Anderson Halperin, decided it was time for action. She saw firsthand the need to focus on PEACE with children and to empower them to spread kindness and positivity through their choices and actions. “I had an epiphany at an education conference once. Listening to a speaker share the way we teach history in school, it became clear that the vast majority of the content we teach to our children is conflict and war. I realized then and there that, as a society and an education system, we need to study more PEACE. We need to promote learning to compromise and create peace even more importantly than war and conflict. I decided to make that my goal.”

Our programs inspire peace and creativity

Our Peace Project

With this inspiration, Ms. Wendy and our team offer the Drawn To Peace project at DrawnToDiscover.com. Drawn to Peace is a curriculum comprised of over 70 lessons which study people of history who promoted peace and spread goodwill. Ms. Wendy delves into important and fun facts about a breadth of historical figures and teaches children some of their famous quotes. Joining her on this exploration are gender- and race-neutral mice characters who can relate to children of all backgrounds. These fun characters guide and illustrate this important project, helping the children to follow along and create a lesson that is meaningful to them. As one of our students, Justin, eloquently stated,

“It’s kind of fun because not only is it drawing, but it’s learning. I learned a lot of stuff and it made my mind grow a lot better.”

Drawn to Peace

The Drawn To Peace project can be accessed in multiple ways. Users who are subscribers to DrawnToDiscover.com now have access to this great product along with the general literacy and learning platform, Drawn To Connections. Additionally, families and educators who only want the Peace project, can purchase access to the stand-alone product for a low, one-time price.

Drawn To Discover is built on years of research and development in the classroom. Academic studies have shown that by developing fine motor skills, children have a greater ability to learn, comprehend, and develop. This is the support that drives Drawn To Discover and is now expanded with the launch of Drawn To Peace. We hope you join us in our resolution for peace and creativity in 2018!


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