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Drawn To Discover Program Core

The Problem:

Current research demonstrates that a decreasing amount of students have sufficient handwriting and fine motor skills necessary for success in school. Despite the clear connection between these skills and academic success, schools are spending less time teaching them. Indeed, teachers don’t feel adequately prepared to teach such skills.

The Solution:

Educational programs, such as Drawn To Discover, that develop visual literacy through fine motor control and creativity have demonstrated improved results for children both academically and behaviorally. When students consistently spend time developing and practicing these skills, teachers see rapid improvement in all academic areas both in the short-term and long-term.


Each lesson page will include a downloadable PDF of paper that would need to be printed, writing tools listed, and an overview of the lesson (including a sample image), some lessons will also have a warm up lesson. If you would like to see how the lesson page looks and works, scroll down to “Backend” section and watch the brief video.


Educators are using Drawn to Discover in many ways to help students develop and learn. Lessons are streamlined to keep implementation simple, allowing educators to focus on student growth.

Three common ways to deliver our lessons:

  • Whole-class instruction with lessons projected on a screen for students to follow along
  • In learning centers for individuals or small groups
  • On individual computers or tablets in the classroom, computer lab, or at home


Using Drawn To Discover is very straightforward. After login, you will be directed to your account page where you can select the lesson your students are prepared to begin.

Accessing Your Account & Lesson Page

Your backend will have your registered courses listed in a drop-down menu with all the lessons. Each lesson will have an overview, necessary tools, and a final image of the lesson.
This quick video will show how the account and lessons are accessed:

Adding Users to Your Multi User License

For institutions with licenses for multiple users this video shows how to add or remove your users. We have many pricing options for institutions and groups needing multiple users under their license.


“I can say that everyone is raving about the program and I am really excited to see the results. I believe all of the teachers will want to continue using the program when the “TLC” ends in Feb.”

“I think we are starting a revolution here in Poway, a handwriting revolution! We had our 2nd TLC class and the response was tremendous from all of the teachers! They were asking me when our district was going to purchase a site license for all of the schools!”

-Joanne, Poway School District

“When I used to teach second and third grade, I would have been very pleased if I had second graders coming into my classroom doing work that (now) my kindergarteners are exiting with at the end of the year…”

-Sandy, teacher, South Haven, MI

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