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“When I used to teach second and third grade, I would have been very pleased if I had second graders coming into my classroom doing work that (now) my kindergarteners are exiting with at the end of the year…”

-Sandy, teacher, South Haven, MI


“This gives me an educational and active lesson to set up for my children while I make lunch or throw in a load of laundry. They stay engaged the whole time.”

-Mother who found us on Facebook


“My feeling has always been, that if kids love to come to school, they will work with you, work hard, and be successful. Drawing with Wendy has brought all of us, myself included, great joy, and yes, peace. We all sit down, we relax, we talk, and we draw.”

-Deb, teacher, Mt. Pleasant, MI

University Professor

“I think there is a whole bunch of good going on in these (Drawn to Discover) experiences. Kids learn the moves their hands need to make in order to convey meaning, and they learn to draw and color and represent things – but where they are as they do it is in this PRESENT moment. This is about as close to “flow experience” as you could get in an instructional environment. It’s about as close to PLAY as young kids get when doing literacy practice.”

-Evelyn, English as Second Language, Michigan Technological University


“It is awesome to have come across a multi-level art program that is teaching my children so much!”

-Sincerely, Mother – Tammy

Homeschool Educator

“I like the ease that my girls can work independently and still interact with each other on different projects.”

-California Homeschool Mother


“I haven’t seen anything like this program. Drawing and learning all in one. It’s great!”

-Mia, mother from Illinois


“My daughter was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder. That’s when your hearing is perfect but the brain has trouble processing the information. She was falling behind in school because she gets lots with oral directions and lessons. Drawn to Discover was a life saver. We found out she is a visual learner. And that’s why she loved Drawn to Discover so much, cause she can see what is taught. And that makes learning so much easier and fun for her. She is now doing fine in school.”

-Carolina, mother from LA


“I took the (original) Project Class from Wendy…(my daughter) used to come home and want to learn to draw just like Ms. Wendy did. So she would take the lessons out of my drawing binder, take them to daycare for after school, and teach the other kids how to draw. They would then hang them up on the wall.”

-Christine, Teacher and mother from Streator, IL.



“I was seeking more drawing instruction for my children. I chose Drawn To Discover because it not only teaches drawing, but it brings all ‘subjects’ into the lessons. It also helps the child have a stronger relationship with the world around him (her).”

-Leslie, Ohio mother

A change is going on in the world. There’s far more interest in drawing now than there has been in a long long time. Schools are beginning to teach drawing again in a serious and meaningful way.
-Leonard Baskin


“Drawing helped and encourage him to express more clearly the complex thoughts and scientific understanding and interests in his head. It helped him visualize and represent his thoughts.”

-Dr. Kin, Associate Professor of Chicago School of Psychology


“Learning with Ms. Wendy literally unleashes the creativity and identity in Alexandria. She is shy, but she is expressive.”

-Eric’s daughter Alexandria studied with Ms. Wendy


“My New Years goal was to publish ten books. So far I have made maybe five drafts, and probably nine publishes.The coolest thing (we learned from Ms. Wendy) was probably the grip. This is good for your hands. It won’t be neat at first, but the more you do it, the better it gets.”

-Josh, studied with Ms. Wendy


“Working with Ms. Wendy is super fun because I can make more action books and fantasy. The pencil grip is two fingers on the top and one on the bottom. And if you get the hang of it, you should be able to push it up and down. And it makes your handwriting much better.
It’s kind of fun because not only is it drawing, but it’s learning. Once you learn this, you can use it to get better grades in school. I learned a lot of stuff and it made my mind grow a lot better”

-Justin, studied with Ms. Wendy

“Drawing and writing is fun for me. First I write my stories in my class, then I draw pictures with them. The grip that we have helps.”

-Ryan, studied with Ms. Wendy


“You want to sort your colors because if I was working and I go to grab the pink, but then I grab the orange, then I have to put it out and have to find the pink….what if you have to get your drawing perfect? You have to get the right colors.”

-Valencia, student who studied with Ms. Wendy


“With her physical issues and muscular strength, pencil grip…was really physically demanding. For her, (because of her fight with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) the muscular strength it took to learn the pencil grip was hard core and really demanding on her….coming through on the other side through first grade and now (in second grade) she is amazing! It was such an important lesson for her.”

-Rachel, Mother of Sawyer who studied with Ms. Wendy


“She taught us how to draw a little cursive.”
“I’ve been here since kindergarten. She taught us how to draw simple stuff like the pencil with the mouse on it and the dog. The she taught us handwriting. But she really taught us a lot. It’s been really fun working with Ms. Wendy….it’s so much fun.”
You have to keep trying. You just have to keep practicing. If you really want to get you just have to practice. It’s not like you’re going to get it the first day you do it. Like, when I was in kindergarten, I wasn’t perfect at it. I just had to try more and then I got it.”

-Genevieve, studied with Ms. Wendy



“My 11 yr old Lydia especially loves this program. She uses her drawings on gifts and cards, and thanks daddy often for getting this subscription for her. So thank you for blessing our family, and especially Lydia, with your talents!!”

-Teresa, Mother



“The power I saw in Wendy’s work through my own kids got me excited about this program. I used to ask my oldest son what he wanted to do when he grew up and he would say play video games. Now through the confidence he has built, the curiosity he has developed, the skills he has acquired, he says that he wants to CREATE video games. It seems so little, but it is truly enormous!”

–Brian, father and D2D founder

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