Guided Video Tutorials

Ms. Wendy’s how to set-up and use Drawn To Discover. She shares the importance of the tools, the pencil grip, and what to look for in your students in this series of videos. This is here to help create success for you and your students with the Drawn To Discover program. Click, learn, and enjoy! When YOU achieve, WE achieve!

Getting Started & Overview


A short explanation of the resource videos and DrawnToDiscover presented by two of the co-founders, Brian and Ms. Wendy.

Setting Up for DrawnToDiscover

This is a great video with many tips on setting up the class for using DrawnToDiscover successfully. Ms. Wendy begins to guide you on classroom set-up and teaches everyone how to make a paper pillow for the work the students complete.

The Importance of Pencil Grip

The core principle at the foundation of DrawnToDiscover is based around proper pencil grip. Ms. Wendy explains the importance of pencil grip and shows what to teach and look for when facilitating proper pencil grip with your students.

Pencil Grip

Here is a quick video focused solely on proper pencil grip.

Research Basis of the Program

In this short video, Ms. Wendy speaks to the research and evidence-based practices that inspired and drove the development of DrawnToDiscover.

Teaching Handwriting

Tips on teaching handwriting to your students.

Changing the Pressure

In this demonstration, Ms. Wendy shares important tips about changing the pressure on writing tools. This is an important fine muscle skill Ms. Wendy promotes throughout the lessons.

Wendy’s Books

This is a quick look at some of the over 30 children’s books titles Ms. Wendy has published.

Putting Together the Tools

Portable Art Studio Boxes

Holley and Ms. Wendy teach you how to put together the Portable Art Studio Boxes. This is a step-by-step guide to folding these wonderful tools into place.

Teacher Crayon Organizer

This is a short video showing how to organize and utilize the Teacher Crayon Organizer

The Papers and Pencil

This is an overview of what teachers get with the Premium and/or Platinum school purchase program.

Creative Writing Station Box

The creative writing station is another addition you can add to your home or classroom to help organize the papers used in DrawnToDiscover. Ms. Wendy and Holley show how easy it is to put them together.

Library Folder Box

If you purchased Library folder boxes as part of your package, this is a short video instruction on how to put them together.

Early USB Drive Direction

For the early schools that adopted Drawn To Discover into their classrooms, this is a video guide on how to navigate the USB drive you were sent at the start of implementing the program in your classrooms.

More Tips and Tricks

Ms. Wendy shares special Tips & Tricks here to help create success for you with the Drawn To Discover program. Click, learn, and enjoy! When YOU achieve, WE achieve!

Pencil Grip

Paper Placement

Bring Your Thumb to School

Fixing Crayons

Paper Use

Both Hands

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