“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

promote peace through drawing lessons integrating quotes

To help us make 2018 a year of prosperity and peace, Drawn To Discover is reaching out to form partnerships with organizations and people with that shared vision. Together, we can better share our message and get kids using their hands to create, discover, and build the important neural pathways needed for long-term success.

Kicking the year off in a good way, we are excited to share our partnership with Indian Moms Connect! As part of their work, IMC reviewed Drawn To Discover and, we are please to say, they liked what they saw. In fact, they liked it so much they have formed a partnership with us! Read their review and to see how you can benefit with an amazing offer through this partnership!

From the parent perspective (direct quotes):
  • “They explain the overview of each lesson along with end goal. Also, they provide the materials required for the lessons which we parents can download and print the same for the child.
  • The video and audio quality is excellent and the love the pace in which the author teaches.
  • No ads or no other distractions in between the course.
  • Each lesson involves drawing, and I am amazed by how the author teaches math, language, as well as visual arts along with pencil grip and holding techniques with those pictures.”
From the child perspective (direct quotes):
  • “I like the tool. It is fun, especially the logic puzzles.
  • The lessons help with drawing and handwriting by teaching you to use your thumb muscle properly.
  • Also, I would recommend that having a 60 or more crayon box would be good because of your different shades of blue, pink and other colors. (Yes, we had to buy a big crayon box)”

Indian Moms Connect is an online medium for mothers around the world to connect, to discuss motherhood, and to share ideas and resources. IMC discusses a wide range of important topics on parenting, offers recipe ideas for healthy eating, and includes book reviews and reviews of educational resources. In their words, Indian Moms Connect is “an authentic space for moms BY moms. A community for mothers to share challenges & joys of parenting.”

IMC also curates Toka Box, a monthly treasure box of reading delivered to your home. “Our Toka box is curated with love and care for children between age group 3 to 5 (Toka Junior) and 5 to 8 (Toka Explorer) with a curated hand-picked picture book and a specially designed activity that goes with the book to enhance the book reading experience.”

You can see why Drawn To Discover and Indian Moms Connect go hand in hand!

To see this connection live and in person, check out the Festival of South Asian Children’s Content (FSACC) in the Bay Area on February 24th and you can also hear Author Wendy Anderson speak on Feb 25th at New Delhi Restaurant SFO.

We hope you’ll join us!

The Drawn To Discover Team

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